Another show is under our belt. We enjoyed the best temperatures in the six years but had to endure a dirt storm on Friday night after most had cleaned their cars. Three cars from Spokane braved the storm by driving through it, bringing tumbleweed with them. We suspect they caused a vortex heading south when the 4.9L driven by Joe Sokol Jr., blasted through under full power. We may never know the truth.

We had other excitement as well. Although Dave McKague and Mike Strickler discussed the judging arrangements with the Radioactive Redskins at their June picnic, they misunderstood the show date and had no one available. Of course, we discovered this fact 10 minutes prior to starting judging. The Fest Committee formulated an internal team to judge and went to work after extending the clean up period one hour. We did not hear a single complaint as it appeared the time was needed to fully undo the prior night storms wrath. And the judging results were:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

1984 Stock Coupe/SE


1984 Stock Indy Pace


1985 Stock Coupe/SE


1985 Stock GT

Don Jones

Art Heindselman


1986 Stock Coupe/SE


1986 Stock GT

Andy Pospisil


1987 Stock Coupe/SE

Andy Pospisil

Korin Bowlin

Dave MaKague

1987 Stock GT


1988 Stock Coupe

Duwayne Robinson


1988 Stock Formula

Dan Gill


1988 Stock GT

Boyd Lisle



Alan Frazier

Kym Robinson

Myron Clauzel

Custom Modified

Mike Strickler

Greg Gulliford

Paul Heindselman

Super Modified

Joe Sokol, Jr.


Kit Car



Don Harness



Joe Sokol, Jr.


People's Choice

Joe Sokol, Jr.


Best Of Show

Mike Strickler